Coehorn Mortars & Siege Mortars Sale!!

1861 8 inch Siege Mortar – Full Scale

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Siege Mortars Three primary types of mortars were used during the war: siege & garrison and Coehorn mortars are also classified as siege & garrison. While guns were intended to batter down the walls of a fortification during a siege, mortars were designed to fire explosive shells over the walls of the fortification, killing the men inside, and forcing others to stay in bombproof shelters, or preventing the gunners from serving their guns and repairing damage caused by the bombardment.


1861 8″ Siege Mortar – Full Scale – (Bowling Ball)

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Hern Iron Works produces the 8″ siege mortar reproduction from the original ordnance plans. This Mortar Tube is cast with an 8-3/4″ bore to suit a bowling ball! Weight of the tube is just over 1000#.


1861 8″ Siege Mortar Base – Assembled

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The 1861 – 8″ Siege Mortar Base is recreated exactly to the original Ordinance Plans. This is the fully assembled Base as pictured – fitted, and painted ready to use. Weighing just over 1050#, if purchasing the Mortar tube at the same time, we will mount the tube in the base for shipment.


1861 8″ Siege Mortar Base – Kit

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This Base Kit only is the un-assembled set of parts needed to completely build your own 8″ Siege Mortar Base. All nuts, bolts, side plates, iron, steel, and ductile castings to build your base. These are made to order, not stock parts, so plan on 8-12 weeks for delivery. Un-painted, some finish grinding and fitting needed. Weight: ~1050#

Coehorn Mortar 12 Pounder – Full Scale – 2 1/4″ Bore

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The shot that opened the Civil War was fired from a mortar.  The Coehorn Mortar  was a very useful piece, for it was developed in the 16th century, and there were still a few in use in British colonial garrisons in the 1920’s. *Carriage not included*



Coehorn Mortar 12lb, Full Scale, 3″ Bore

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  Large Bore version of the popular Coehorn Mortar  Light enough for a pair of friends to move around on shooting day. *Carriage not included*


Coehorn Mortar Base – Hardware kit & Plans

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Hardware Kit & Plans to outfit your Coehorn Mortar! Used with the 2-1/4″ OR 3″ bore tubes.



1841 6 Pounder Cannon

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1857 Napoleon Cannon

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IMPORTANT!! Hern Iron Works makes no warrantee whatsoever concerning our cannons, They are sold for decorative purposes only and we do not imply that they are good for anything else. You accept all responsibility for all use or misuse of the cannon. However, if at any time you are unhappy with one of our cannons you may return it, postpaid, to the foundry for replacement or refund.