Replacement Hook ONLY – #0214-A – for C&P 8 x 12 Treadle Old Style


Replacement Hook ONLY – for C & P Treadle -8 x 12 Old Style. Part #0214-A. Pricing includes shipping and handling, to your door. Hooks are always kept in stock – ships within one business day of payment!

Remember to carefully fit and test rotation with hook in place before applying full power. You may have to do some touch up grinding or filing to custom fit the hook to your press, never force the fit – cast iron will not bend.

Shipping Price Included on ALL print treadle kits & treadle hook orders!!

Product Description

#0214-A – Hook only, 8×12 OLD Style treadle

Did you get a little rushed on that late night job you had to finish? Trying to play John Henry and beat the machine printing speed record?

If you happen to break or wear our your original or reproduction Treadle Hook – you need not dismay! Hern has cast extra Hooks for just such an occasion. Please be sure to order the Hook for your press and/or prior Treadle kit purchase to ensure a quick drop in replacement.

As with instructions for the Hern Treadle kit and installation of said Hook – be sure and fit your Hook prior to complete assembly to the treadle and full operation. Hooks will need to be filed or ground to fit the crank shaft; and will need to be checked for rotational clearance and ground where necessary to ensure that it has the longest life possible. Cast Iron will be very durable over time, but very rigid. You cannot get it close and hope to force it into place – it will snap and break – there is NO elasticity in iron.

The 8 x 12 Chandler & Price Treadle Hook from Hern Iron Works is custom made specifically for the 8×12 Old Style C & P Treadles.

Hooks are kept in stock. Pricing includes UPS shipping to your door.

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 6 lbs

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