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CAN41 – Gonzales Cannon, full scale, 1-1/4″ bore, 57#, 21-1/2″ long.

New 2023 addition to the cannon offerings from Hern! A historical reproduction of the Come And Take It / Gonzales Cannon.

Today’s production is Ductile Iron, cast around a 1/4″ wall DOM tubing, w/ flat breach plug. Weighing in at 57#, these little guns ship via UPS, freight included, to your door for one simple price.

Used earlier in 1835, the small Gonzales Cannon; referred to as a Gun in this small size class, and more specifically in spanish ordnance as an Esmeril.  The Americans in October 1835 defended Gonzales against Lt. Francisco de Castaneda with both a bronze Six Pounder and this smaller gun.  This Mexican offensive in response to the Americans’ refusal to surrender the two cannon.

Narrative of this engagement and preparations are typical of American ingenuity and resourcefulness.  On the esmeril, the original touch hole was spiked and had to be repaired. You will note on the Hern barrel two divots for touch holes, representing a spot to drill a new hole, as well as a blemish representing the original repaired hole.  This small gun also was never cast with, nor had trunions as is common to cannon.  Mounting it for use was a bit of a problem.  quote – Men were set to work on a gun carriage.  They felled a large cottonwood tree in the river bottom, and sawed from its trunk four sections for as many wheels, these being about four inches thick and were strengthened by strips of timber nailed on transversely.  When the vehicle was finished and the old cannon mounted thereon it provoked a shout of laughter among the boys. – end quote (DeShields, Tall Men With Long Rifles)

Nowadays we all know this barrel from the Texas flag of independence – the Come And Take It flag.

November 2023 – Three on hand!


  • Over All Length: 21-1/2″
  • Bore: 1-1/4″
  • Trunnion Dia.: none
  • Breach max Dia.: 4-1/2″
  • Chase Dia behind Muzzle: 3-1/2″
  • Muzzle band Dia.: 4-1/2″

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 6 × 6 in

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