Coehorn Mortar 12lb, Full Scale, 3″ Bore


  Large Bore version of the popular Coehorn Mortar  Light enough for a pair of friends to move around on shooting day. *Carriage not included*

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Product Description

CAN39 – Coehorn Mortar, full scale, 3″ bore, 75#, 13-1/2″ long.

The Coehorn Mortar has always been popular here at Hern Iron Works. The original period pieces had a larger bore with a reduced powder chamber; some time in the 90’s we were getting enough interest in a larger bore for this guy that we started making a 3″ bore version.

This has our standard DOM liner with 1/2″ wall thickness, and 3″ bore, with a concave breach plug machine fit and welded in place. It is still a straight bore, but looks very impressive beside its little brother with the 2-1/4″ bore. Your friends will be impressed for spending the extra money for this larger bore!

This mortar looks great on the Base available on this site as a Hardware Kit and Plans for the Coehorn mortar bed. You will not be disappointed with this historically accurate Kit & gun! (Please note – Hardware Kit includes 2 pair of trail handles, do not buy a kit AND additional handles unnecessarily.)

Cannon is boxed and packaged for UPS shipment to the US of A — Included with the price shown.

I generally keep one or more on hand as these are quite popular; sometimes we do run out of stock but will let you know if there will be a delay in fulfilling your order! September 2022 – 3 plus, on hand


The shot that opened the Civil War was fired from a coehorn mortar.  The Coehorn Mortar  was a very useful piece, for it was developed in the 16th century, and there were still a few in use in British colonial garrisons in the 1920’s. The 12 pounder model of 1841 was mounted on on a simple bed and served by a crew of four. It fired a standard 12-pounder shell to a maximum of 1200 yards.

Hern Cannon and mortar barrels, except the  8″ Siege Mortar  and  8-3/4″ Bowling Ball Mortar , are made with Steel Liner Tubes with minimum 1/4″ wall thickness. and with welded breech plugs. For bores larger than 2 1/4″, we use 1/2″ Wall Drawn-over-Mandrel (DOM) tubing.


Cannon Dimensions

Weight 75 lbs

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