Chandler & Price Treadle kit for 8 x 12 new style – #0215


The Chandler & Price Treadle Kit for 8 x 12 New Style is generally kept in stock and will be shipped within a few days.

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Product Description

#0215 – Treadle & Hook Kit, C&P 8 x 12 New style

The Hern Treadle kits were reproduced from original pieces. Patterns have been tested for the Chandler & Price presses and will generally drop in with only small cleaning and refinements of press and castings. Recognize that your press is unique – after near 75 years of production, and 50 plus years out of production – you press has been rebuilt and repaired a few times. There will be some minor differences press to press. This kit includes: Treadle, Hook, and all Hardware to attach and use with your press. Pricing also includes reinforced packaging and shipping to your door!

When installing, hang the hook from the eccentric, typically with the opening facing the operator.  If the hook does not drop in place – do not force the fit!  Cast iron will break, not stretch!  You will need to clean the eccentric of all foreign materials; and may need to grind or file the inside radius of the hook to create a good full contact around the inside diameter of the hook.  Once done, rotate the press by hand, forwards and backwards several times to ensure clearance.  Grinding off the hook at any spot that is catching.  Again you cannot force the fit.

With the hook hung properly, slide the treadle in from the front and go around back to see where it is now self evident to bolt or clamp the treadle in place.  Next lift the treadle and mount the provided pivot bolt to connect the hook to the treadle.

When starting the press using a treadle, it is recommended to start the press moving by hand with the flywheel before stomping on the treadle to maintain motion.

This treadle is a reproduction of the new style press designs. These presses are noted for their modern straight line design, & straight spokes on the flywheel.

The Chandler & Price Treadle Kit for 8 x 12 – #0215 — is generally kept in stock and will be shipped within a few days.

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 32 lbs

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