The Hern Treadle kits were reproduced from original pieces. Patterns have been tested for the Chandler & Price presses and will generally drop in with only small cleaning and refinements of press and castings. Recognize that your press is unique – after near 75 years of production, and 50 plus years out of production – you press has been rebuilt and repaired a few times. There will be some minor differences press to press. This kit includes: Treadle, Hook, and all Hardware to attach and use with your press. Pricing also includes reinforced packaging and shipping to your door!


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Stemming from John’s interest in guns, reloading, and shooting – combined with his new foundry came the idea of casting Civil War era Historical Reproduction Cannons. What started as a few similar sized barrels produced for himself an a few friends has grown to over two dozen different barrels from 10 pounds to 2200 pounds, and near 20% of our annual sales! Today we have onsite our offices, a full Pattern shop, Machine shop, and Iron Foundry.