Mountain Howitzer – 1/2 Scale – Solid


The  Mountain Howitzer  was a light, smooth bore cannon designed to shoot a heavy projectile with a light powder charge, contained in a sub-caliber chamber at the bottom of the bore. Because of its light weight, it was much handier than other cannons of similar caliber.

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Product Description

CAN18 – Mountain Howitzer, half scale, solid cast Ductile Iron.  42#

Hern barrels are accurate Historical Reproductions, patterns made from war department ordinance drawings. Some liberty has been taken as to the Trunnion diameter and length to be more aesthetically pleasing and fit a carriage that would need to be a touch stouter (strength of wood not scaling down as easily.)

This little beauty is cast in modern Ductile Iron as a solid piece. Designed for a true static display.  Any bore would have to be done by the customer. 50, 69, 75 caliber, up to 1″ bore.  19 inches Overall Length, and 3-1/2 inches in Diameter – this can be handled on a smaller lathe.

I usually have one in stock.  (September 2022 — 3 plus, on hand!)

Will ship UPS and Shipping and Handling IS INCLUDED in the current price!

* Pictures show a custom order wherein we had the barrel Powder Coated in Hammertone Bronze.  Note also, small drill hole in trunnion for hanging in the painting process.

Cannon Dimensions

Weight 42 lbs

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