Revolutionary Howitzer – Full Scale


The  Revolutionary Howitzer  as cast by Hern Iron Works has a 3″ diameter straight full length smooth bore. The liner is 1/2″ wall DOM steel, with a concave breech plug press fitted & welded. One of my favorite pre-civil war pieces we make! *Carriage not included*

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Product Description

CAN17 – Revolutionary Howitzer, full scale, 3″ bore, 230#, 25″ long.

A beautiful howitzer, the smooth handles – or dolphins – are standard on this piece!

Hern Full Scale guns are accurate Historical Reproductions, patterns made from war department ordinance drawings. Some liberty has been taken as to the bore diameter to match the commonly available DOM product for a quality cast in place steel liner.

These big guns ship via truck, and freight charges are driven by current prices of fuel & distance to destination. A commercial address with a forklift will save you money. Upon order & payment for your barrel, you will be contacted by our office to confirm shipping details and provided with a specific quote. You can pay for shipping over the phone at that time, or mail in your payment. $250- $400 is a common range for these shipping charges.

Large guns are not kept in inventory – they are cast to order. Typical production times are 6-8 weeks.  {Nov. 2023 — One in stock!}


The  Revolutionary Howitzer  was originally developed to fire bombs (powder-filled explosive shells.) This required a large bore in order to get the best effect from the larger projectiles, but it also required that the propelling charge be reduced to about one-ninth of the shell weight, in order not to over-stress the hollow projectile. Since the small charge burned so quickly, there was no need for a long barrel, and the howitzer therefore evolved into a large caliber gun with a short barrel – about five to seven times the caliber was the generally accepted figure, as opposed to 15 to 25 times for guns. Revolutionary Howitzers, like mortars, were chambered. The advantages of dropping the explosive shell over obstacles was introduced after the howitzer had entered service, and the design was soon modified to allow more elevation to the barrel to obtain plunging fire. Due to the short barrel and light charge this did not introduce any complications in the way of carriage design, although it must be stressed that in the 18th century an elevation of twenty degrees was considered high for a howitzer. It should also be added that although the elevation was increased over that of the gun, this was offset by the lower charge, and the Revolutionary Howitzer never achieved greater ranges than guns of equivalent caliber.

Hern Cannon and mortar barrels, except the  8″ Siege Mortar  and  8-3/4″ Bowling Ball Mortar , are made with Steel Liner Tubes with minimum 1/4″ wall thickness. and with welded breech plugs. For bores larger than 2 1/4″, we use 1/2″ Wall Drawn-over-Mandrel (DOM) tubing.

Cannon Dimensions

Weight 230 lbs

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