2.9″ Parrott Rifle – 10 Pounder – Solid – 1/4 Scale


 The Parrott Rifle  was a type of muzzle-loading rifled artillery weapon used extensively in the American Civil War. The gun was invented by Captain Robert Parker Parrott, a West Point graduate. He resigned from the service in 1836 and became the superintendent of the West PointFoundry in Cold Spring, New York. He created the first Parrott Rifle (and corresponding projectile) in 1860 and patented it in 1861. *Carriage not included*

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Product Description

parrotCAN19 – Parrott Rifle, 1/4 scale, solid, 32#, 19-1/2″ long.

This little beauty is cast as a solid piece. Designed for a true static display.

Any bore would have to be done by the customer.

(September 2023 – out of stock / 6-8 week new production.)

These are shipped via UPS and Shipping and Handling IS INCLUDED in the current price.


Cannon Dimensions

Weight 32 lbs

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