Capsquares pair – 2″ trunions Naval – Bronze

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Product Description

CAN31-BZ – Capsquares, 2″; Naval, Bronze

Pricing includes freight to your door!

Naval capsquares are angled offset to the trunions and have a distinctive left and right. (Field capsquares are square to the trunions, and identical L&R.) I should have all capsquares available in both Iron and Bronze under different part numbers.

The 2″ Capsquare is pretty specific to the 2″ trunion; there is metal for a small amount of custom fitting.  This fits very nicely with the Hern half scale Six Pounder, and half scale Napoleon

These Capsquares are normally kept in stock and will ship at no extra charge either directly to you via USPS, or included with your cannon packaging.

(old part number CAN32)

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