Revolutionary Howitzer – Full Scale

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The  Revolutionary Howitzer  as cast by Hern Iron Works has a 3″ diameter straight full length smooth bore. The liner is 1/2″ wall DOM steel, with a concave breech plug press fitted & welded. One of my favorite pre-civil war pieces we make! *Carriage not included*



U.S. Carronade – Full Scale

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With its distinctive eye at the cascable, the  U.S. Carronade  was considered the logical sea cannon. It was easily secured for controlled recoil. The loop also made rapid dock-to-ship transfer of the weapon safer and quicker. The stout U.S. Carronade is physically shorter than many of the cannons of its time. This design reflects tight shipboard quarters and allowed fast relocating in the space provided. Trunnions are below center. *Carriage not included*