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Capsquares pair – 2″ trunions Naval – Bronze

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CAN32 – Capsquares, 2″; Naval, Bronze

Pricing includes freight to your door!

Naval capsquares are angled offset to the trunions and have a distinctive left and right.  (Field capsquares are square to the trunions, and identical L&R.)  I should have all capsquares available in both Iron and Bronze under different part numbers.

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1841 6 Pounder Cannon – 1/2 Scale

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 The Ordnance Board of 1841  drew up the design for this gun, which is one of the most common of all the artillery pieces of the Civil War. Originally a smooth bore, many were rifled to fire the James projectile, and are sometimes erroneously referred to as James Rifles. The smooth bore had certain advantages over the rifle; in the wooded terrain of the typical Civil War battlefield, range was less important than rate of fire, weight of shot, and the ability to fire canister. *Carriage not included*

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Frontier Swivel Gun

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 Frontier Swivel guns  were used principally aboard sailing ships, serving as short-range anti-personnel ordnance. They were not ship-sinking weapons, due to their small caliber and short range, but could do considerable damage to anyone caught in their line of fire. *Carriage not included*

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1857 Napoleon Cannon – 12 Pounder – 1/2 Scale

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 The Napoleon  was commissioned by Louis Napoleon of France to replace several cannons in similar sizes. In 1857 Ames Manufacturing Company produced the first of several variations of this design. Some were made with handles, and muzzels were made both with and without a swell. *Carriage not included*

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