Chandler & Price treadle kit for 10 x 15 Old & New-Style

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The Chandler & Price Treadle Kit for 10 x 15 Old & New-Style is generally kept in stock and will be shipped within a few days.

FREE SHIPPING Included on ALL Chandler & Price Treadle Kits & Treadle Hook orders!!

Replacement Hook ONLY – for C&P Treadle 10 x 15 Old & New-Style, #0219-A

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Replacement Hook ONLY – forC & P Treadle -10 x 15 Old & New-Style. Part #0219-A. Pricing includes shipping and handling, to your door. Hooks are always kept in stock – ships within one business day of payment!

Remember to carefully fit and test rotation with hook in place before applying full power. You may have to do some touch up grinding or filing to custom fit the hook to your press, never force the fit – cast iron will not bend.