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Hern Iron Works Story

Pioneering Craftsmanship, Since 1971...

Hern Iron Works & Recycling Foundry buys all kinds of metals in Coeur d’ Alene, ID. We have facilities available to meet many of your iron castings needs. Our foundry in conjunction with our pattern and machine shop capabilities, is equipped and staffed to produce cost effective, quality parts on a timely basis.

U.S. Carronade


Hern Iron Works - US Carronade Cannons

With its distinctive eye at the cascable, the U.S. Carronade was considered the logical sea cannon. It was easily secured for controlled recoil. The loop also made rapid dock-to-ship transfer of the weapon safer and quicker.

0214 & 0219 Chandler & Price Treadle Kits in stock and ready to ship! Order your's today while supply's last...


Hern Iron Works - Chandler & Price Treadle Kits

Hern Iron Works produces replacement Foot Treadles for antique Chandler & Price printing presses. Our Treadles are made of cast iron, just like the originals. The treadle kits include the Treadle, the Hook, and all necessary mounting hardware. Hern Iron Works even supply a Hinge Pin for the Treadle for the 8” x 12” Old Style.

Hern Media & News

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