Siege Mortar

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Back in, we'll call it 1997, I went to a Cannon Shoot in Casper, Wyoming to peddle some barrels & rub elbows with some of our great customers. Well, as I was walking down the line during live fire, I heard this awesome Whoomp!! and a whooph, whooph, whooph diminishing off into the distance. This was my first experience seeing and HEARING a bowling ball being shot as a projectile! Hern makes a point of having all its barrels being historical reproductions as close as is practical to original Ordinance Drawings. My immediate quest upon returning home from that shoot was to track down something that we could make that would shoot bowling balls! Today you can buy the 1861 - 8" Siege Mortar in it's original 8" bore AND in 8-3/4" bore for bowling balls!

Hern Iron Works produces this exact 8" siege mortar copy from the original ordnance plans. We offer an optional barrel that is slightly oversize to suit a bowling ball. Whereas the Base is made of Iron and Steel - you can also purchase a complete kit of parts or completely assembled base to go with your Mortar Tube! The complete assembly is 100% iron and steel, and weights just over 2000 pounds, exactly as the original.

More Details:
Siege Mortars Three primary types of mortars were used during the war: siege & garrison (light), seacoast (heavy), and Coehorns are also classified as siege & garrison. While guns were intended to batter down the walls of a fortification during a siege, mortars were designed to fire explosive shells over the walls of the fortification, killing the men inside, and forcing others to stay in bombproof shelters, or preventing the gunners from serving their guns and repairing damage caused by the bombardment.

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