COEUR D’ALENE  – The claw of the machine dropped and grabbed at piles of broken down metal – bits and chunks of sheet and pipe. The baling machine operator guided the claw as it lifted its load, swung to the side and dropped the items into another section of the giant machine, crushing and compacting the metal into square chunks. At Hern Iron Works Recycling they call the baler, “Wall-E,” after the waste-collecting robot in the 2008 Pixar film of the same name. The machine is part of the foundry operation’s recent effort to switch gears and weather the recession. Located on Hern Road, off Atlas Road north of the Coeur d’Alene Rifle and Pistol Club, the foundry has been in operation since 1971, when current owner Jack Hern’s father built it. It sits on 30 forested acres. “It’s been going fast or slow here for 40 years,” Hern said.

Specifications for Steel & Iron

Foundry Prepared Cast Iron

  • No Dimensions over 24 x 24 inches.
  • Less than 10% steel contamination
  • No white metal contamination (Lead, Aluminum, Zinc)

Foundry Prepared Mild Steel

  • No Dimensions over 24 x 18 inches.
  • Must be mild steel of 1/4 inch thickness or greater.
  • Less than 10% paint or other contamination,
  • No white metal contamination (Lead, Aluminum, Zinc)

1# HMS (Heavy Metal Steel)

  • No Dimensions greater than 48 inches.
  • No greater than 20% contamination from other metals.
  • All automotive steels and contaminated iron with 1/4 inch of thickness fall into this category.
 No Sealed containers will be accepted!!! This includes: 
  • Motors
  • Transmissions w/ pans attached
  • Gas tanks
  • Refrigeration compressors

Shred, Tin, and Shear

  • All HMS #1 greater than 48 inches (unprepared size).
  • All steels less than 1/4 inch in thickness.
  • All Appliances, galvanized metals, fencing, roofing, siding, tubing, etc..

Scrap Guidelines

  • All pans and fluids must removed from transmissions and motors before being accepted.
  • We do not accept refrigerators or freezers unless they have been legally de-commissioned and all Freon removed.
  • We do not accept transformers containing oil.
  • We do not accept batteries with broken casings.
  • We do not accept these items without proper documentation.
    • Railroad steel: rails, cleats, plates, spikes.
    • Utility equipment: switches, wire rated greater than 600v, transformers, gas meters, or fuses.
    • Municipal equipment: Manhole covers and rings, water valves greater than 6 inches, water meter bodies.
  • #1 heavy steel is defined as mild cast or extruded steel in prepared dimensions no greater than 4 x 8 foot, which averages 1/4 inch thickness or greater.
  • #2 heavy steel is defined as mild cast or extruded steel in prepared dimensions no greater than than 4 x 8 foot, which averages 1/8″ inches thickness or greater but less than 1/4″.
  • Tin is defined as steel less than 1/8″ inches in thickness and includes auto body parts, appliances, roofing or siding. Thin plate steel, transformers / electric motor silica plates.


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