Chandler and Price Accessories

Many antique printing presses, including  Chandler and Price , were originally equipped with a Cast Iron Treadles to provide the on-going motion for printing both small and large printing jobs. In Later years, most of the presses were equipped from the factory or retroactively with electric motors to maintain a constant speed and to increase productivity to try and remain competitive with competition and the advent of offset printing.  Fast forward to the 2000’s.

Many people are putting these old presses back into use due the the new popularity of letterpress printing.  And, they want to equip their presses with an original-style Treadle and operate  them just like  in the old days, using no power other than people-power.  Since Chandler and Price has long-since gone out of business, printers needed a source for replacement Treadles.

Hern Iron Works to the rescue!  As with other product lines at Hern, Treadles came about due to the hobbies and interests of John Hern, APA member, and collector and restorer of Letterpress print shop equipment.  I have many fond memories of traveling around the Pacific North West with John – visiting with old printers long retired, now ready to sell off their treasured private shops.  We had the Foundry flat bed truck tied up for a year with a large flat bed newspaper press on its back that we extracted from Winlock, Washington before John got it re-sold.  That was quite the drive home – I can tell you!  Front tires barely on the ground!!  But I digress…

Hern Iron Works produces replacement Foot Treadles for antique Chandler and Price printing presses. Our Treadles are made of cast iron, and are patterned and copied directly from originals. The treadle kits include the Treadle, the Hook, and all necessary mounting hardware.  Hern Iron Works even supplies a Hinge Pin for the Treadle for the 8” x 12” Old Style.  All pricing includes Boxing, Packing, Shipping and Handling to your front door, via UPS!  (Continental US only.)

Chandler and Price Treadle Kits

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