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Hern Iron Works Story

US Carronade

Cannons & Mortars

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Mountain Howitzer Sale!

Two howitzers held off an entire regiment during an action on the 2nd of June in 1865!

Introductory Offer! Purchase 1 or more cannons and you will save 10% on the purchase price!



Chandler & Price Treadle Kits

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We are currently out of stock on all of our C & P Treadle Kits!! We are currently in production and will have more in stock in a few weeks. Stay tuned for updates and thank you for your patience!

Chandler & Price Treadle Kits

Hern Iron Works produces replacement Foot Treadles for antique Chandler & Price printing presses. Our Treadles are made of cast iron, just like the originals. The treadle kits include the Treadle, the Hook, and all necessary mounting hardware. Hern Iron Works even supply a Hinge Pin for the Treadle for the 8” x 12” Old Style.